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Aug. 23, 2013 - CSEA endorses Darius Shahinfar for Albany Treasurer
July 15, 2013 - Shahinfar raises nearly $20,000 for Albany City Treasurer bid
July 13, 2013 - Shahinfar opens campaign headquarters
July 11, 2013 - Shahinfar submits more than 3,000 signatures for Democratic primary


CSEA: “We trust he will work with the new Mayor to ensure our voices are heard.”

ALBANY, N.Y. (Aug. 23, 2013) --- Darius Shahinfar, Democratic candidate for Albany City Treasurer, has receive the endorsement of the Civil Service Employees Association (CSEA).

CSEA members and their retirees represent thousands of families across the Capital Region, where they work for state and local government, in schools and provide essential services communities rely on every day.

"I am proud and honored to receive the endorsement of the Civil Service Employees Association,” said Shahinfar. “For decades, CSEA has fought to protect working families throughout New York. I share and support their mission to advocate for fairness, dignity, and economic and social justice for all individuals across our great state."

“CSEA is proud to endorse Darius Shahinfar for Albany City Treasurer. He has continually advocated for working families in Albany. We trust he will work with the new Mayor to ensure our members' voices are heard," said Jack Rohl, president of CSEA Albany County Local 801.

“As all of labor knows, the cost of cutbacks at the federal and state levels, as well as a shrinking local tax base, will continue to cause financial difficulties for local governments, including Albany,” said Shahinfar.  “I believe we need to take every measure to ensure efficient operations in our city so we can cut costs, without impacting city jobs. This is not just a moral imperative for our city, but it protects the jobs and income that is a vital contributor to our local economy.” 

For more information about Darius Shahinfar and his campaign, visit or call his headquarters (518) 288-7095.




Nearly 200 individuals donate to Shahinfar

ALBANY, N.Y. (July 15, 2013) --- Darius Shahinfar, Democrat for Albany City Treasurer, has raised nearly $20,000 in contributions for the campaign's July fundraising filing.

The campaign raised $19,097, with approximately $6,500 in cash-on-hand funds.

"I am deeply moved by the tremendous amount of support from Albany’s residents and my contributors. It reaffirms that the citizens in the city trust me to help them move our city government in the 21st century. This is an important race and an extremely important responsibility, as the City Treasurer is responsible for approximately $170 million in taxpayer dollars. Our campaign is about moving our city government forward and I believe that come September 10, we will cross that line of success together,” said Shahinfar.

As of the date of filing, there were 185 contributions, with 111 contributions (60 percent) under $100 and 82 contributions of $50 and under.

“I want to once again thank all my supporters from across the City of Albany. Their contributions have helped get this campaign off the ground and get the message out that Albany’s city government can and must modernize for the betterment of all its citizens. This campaign is about the residents and I am honored to have their support. This experience has been truly humbling and I look forward to continuing meeting and talking to individuals across the city.” Shahinfar continued.


Dozens of supporters join Treasurer candidate in opening new campaign office

ALBANY, N.Y. (July 13, 2013) --- Darius Shahinfar, Democratic candidate for Albany City Treasurer, opened his campaign headquarters in Albany’s West End neighborhood at 600 Central Avenue Saturday afternoon. Shahinfar was joined by dozens of local elected officials and supporters across the city.

“I am running for City Treasurer because I believe we need to bring Albany into the 21st century,” said Shahinfar. “The Chief Fiscal Officer for the City of Albany is responsible for overseeing approximately $170 million in taxpayer dollars. We need a City Treasurer who has the experience, determination and vision to work with our new Mayor and the Common Council to ensure our hard-earned tax dollars are being well-spent.”

Dozens of supporters and local elected officials joined Darius Shahinfar at his headquarters’ grand opening, including Kathy Sheehan, Albany City Treasurer and Democratic mayoral candidate, Assemblymembers Patricia Fahy and Phil Steck, former Albany County Executive Michael G. Breslin, and members of the Albany Common Council from across the city.Sheehan, who introduced Shahinfar, said, “it is about making sure the residents of this community are well represented and deliver on a promise of a City government that works for everyone. What happens in our community affects all of us. Darius would be great City Treasurer and he is definitely a partner I can work with.”


With over 170 supporters and volunteers collecting signatures

ALBANY, N.Y. (July 11, 2013) --- Darius Shahinfar,Democratic candidate for Albany City Treasurer, has submitted more than 3,000 signatures on Democratic designating petitions for ballot access for the September 10 Democratic primary.

Shahinfar’s campaign collected over 3,500 signatures, which is nearly three and a half times the required minimum signatures needed to get on the ballot. This was made possible by the 174 volunteers who aided in collecting the signatures.

“I cannot thank my volunteers and supporters enough for all their hard work and commitment in collecting these signatures across the City of Albany. I look forward to continuing these important conversations with our neighbors and residents about modernizing our city government and discussing my vision for our city’s future,” said Darius Shahinfar.

Darius Shahinfar has been endorsed by Albany City Treasurer and Democratic Mayoral Candidate Kathy Sheehan, Assemblywoman Patricia Fahy and former Assemblyman Jack McEneny. Shahinfar has also endorsed by the Working Families Party, the Independence Party and the RFK Democratic Club.




Race for Treasurer goes to Shahinfar
September 11, 2013 - Times Union

Attorney Darius Shahinfar won the Democratic primary for city treasurer Tuesday, cruising to what appeared to be 26-point victory over Democratic rival Gary Domalewicz, according to unofficial returns.

With all precincts reporting, Shahinfar, a close ally of Democratic mayoral primary winner Kathy Sheehan, led Domalewicz late Tuesday 61 to 35 percent. With no opponent in November's general election, Shahinfar is all but assured a victory. "I look forward to using the time (between now and January) to coming up to speed on every aspect of the treasurer's office," said Shahinfar. "Thank you to the voters of Albany for giving us a great day of change for the city."


Shahinfar wins Democratic primary
September 11, 2013 - Troy Record

Shahinfar, 46, received 6,167 votes while Domalewicz got 3,444, with 100 percent of precincts reported.

“I am proud to announce that the people of Albany have chosen me to serve as their next city treasurer,” Shahinfar stated on Twitter.


Treasurer candidates seek a bigger role
September 6, 2013 - Times Union

Two Democrats — Gary Domalewicz and Darius Shahinfar — are competing in Tuesday's primary to become the next city treasurer, a job that comes with what some might consider a maddening irony.

Despite the treasurer's front-row seat to the river of money flowing into and out of city coffers, Albany's chief fiscal officer has virtually no legal authority over how it is spent.


Metroland endorses Darius
September 5, 2013

This race, which pits Darius Shahinfar against longtime County Legislator Gary Domalewicz for the second most powerful office in city government, is a no-brainer. We believe Shahinfar will continue the high professional and nonpartisan standards Kathy Sheehan established as treasurer. We do not have the same confidence in Mr. Domalewicz.


Times Union endorses Darius
September 4, 2013

Mr. Shahinfar has emerged as the better qualified candidate. He candidly acknowledges that his latest run for office is for one that lacks the glamor or buzz of other high-profile jobs in government. And on the issues in this race, he's not significantly different from Mr. Domalewicz. Both of them, for instance, stress the need to upgrade the technology that the office uses and to operate it in the open manner that best would serve the needs of Albany residents.


Shahinfar has $5,479 in the bank for the primary
Times Union - July 15, 2013

Democratic city treasurer candidate Darius Shahinfar today reported having $5,749 in the bank for his primary battle with Gary Domalewicz. Shahinfar raised a total of $27,125.63 since January, including $8,028.63 in personal loans to his campaign.


Independence Party endorses Sheehan, Shahinfar in city races
Times Union - June 3, 2013

The Albany County Independence Party has announced its intent to back Kathy Sheehan for Albany mayor and Darius Shahinfar for city treasurer, both Democrats vying for the city’s top two contested races this year.


Petition dance hints at sudden shift
Times Union - May 26, 2013

As recently as two weeks ago, when it still seemed she would have to unseat five-term incumbent Democrat Jerry Jennings to win, Sheehan's camp was allied with attorney Darius Shahinfar, a fellow progressive Democrat running to follow Sheehan as city treasurer.


He's Back
Metroland - April 17, 2013

Albany City Treasurer Kathy Sheehan is looking to move into the mayor’s office, and on Sunday, Darius Shahinfar announced that he is ready to take her place as Albany’s chief fiscal officer. “It’s a stay-the-course race,” said Shahinfar. “I want to protect the work that [Sheehan] has done and to continue and expand that work.”


Shahinfar to run for City Treasurer
Times Union - April 15, 2013

Democrat Darius Shahinfar held an event Sunday at the Midtown Tap and Tea Room to announce his candidacy for Albany city treasurer.


Shahinfar to run for Treasurer
Albany 2 Cents - April 12, 2013

Darius Shahinfar will formally announce his candidacy for Albany City Treasurer on
Sunday, Apr. 14. Shahinfar will seek the Democratic nomination to become Albany’s next
chief fiscal officer.